Insurance Options besides COBRA?

Another “moving across the country” question from me, basically.

I’ll be leaving my job in late June/early July, due to my husband getting a job in another part of the country (this is a good thing!). However, his insurance won’t kick in until November.

I am pregnant and due in August, so going without or getting just catasrophic coverage isn’t really an option - neither is moving at a different date, since his job starts Sept 1, and we’re not moving with an infant (and we’d still have to get some sort of coverage at that point, anyway).

The insurance/COBRA would be for me only, my husband is thinking he’ll just get a cheaper, emergency-only insurance for himself.

Any other options? I’m not against getting COBRA, but I’m also not very knowledgeable about other ways to insure myself outside of having a job that covers me, either.

Obviously, I’m not averse to switching physicians since I have to no matter what I do :slight_smile:

I’ve had some experience with COBRA, but am no expert on insurance.

My advice: go with COBRA. You may be a bit shocked at the amount you have to pay (or maybe not), but here’s the thing: it’s a sure thing - they can’t deny you. And you will be getting coverage under your (previous) group plan, which is usually better than an individual plan.

You can look into getting an individual plan, but with such a “pre-existing condition” that they know they’ll have to cover ahead of time, I suspect most insurance companies will deny you. You can appeal, but this will take time (and they have no requirement to get back to you in any timeframe).

I would go with COBRA, so at least you’re covered. Then you can start looking for an individual plan. If you find one, it is pretty easy to coordinate the date it will start, so that you can cancel the COBRA when the new coverage starts.

What I found was that the group plan I had through the employer was significantly better than any individual plan I could find. It was more expensive, but my new employer covered the costs. So it made more sense to me to stick with the COBRA, and have only just switched to an individual plan now that the COBRA ran out.

Thanks, cormac. That’s sort of what I was thinking. Pregnancy isn’t considered a pre-existing condition for some insurance plans (it’s not with the plan through my husband’s new job, ironically), but it is for many.