Intacs? <or> I wanna get my eyes fixed

I’m thinking about getting my eyes fixed. I don’t want to have tissue cut, burned or removed from my eyes, so I’m looking into KeraVision intacs. For those curious but not interested in checking the link, here’s some info:

Further, they received FDA approval in the fall of 1999 and are only intended for those with mild nearsightedness (myopia of –1.00 to –3.00) and astigmatism of < +1.00.

I’ve been investigating them for a little over a year now and have an appointment, a pre-screening, with a surgeon this Friday to assess my compatibility.

Does anyone have any experience with these devices?

I heard in passing that a contact lens that will correct vision permanently is in the final stages of development - I don’t know how true this is, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed (20 years with glasses and counting here). I’m very curious about the procedure you’re talking about - please keep us updated.