Intel Motherboard Memory Question

I have an Intel motherboard (D845GEBV2) with 512MB DDR. PC2700 (333MHz) of memory and I’m looking to upgrade the memory. The slots are 184 pin.
Question is: Can I put more in than one other 512MB stick to upgrade (I have 2 slots) or can I put in a couple of 1 MB sticks and have them work?
The manual states: …(My) “Board has been designed to support DIMMS based on 512 Mbit technology up to 2 GB but this technology has not been validated on this motherboard.” (?)
If the teemings say not, I’ll just put in another 512 stick.

Sounds like they are saying 2 1gig sticks should work but they didn’t test it. Do you know anyone that has a 1 gig stick you could try? Otherwise your only shot is if someone here has or had the same board and used 1 gig sticks so they know it works.

Have you tried the Crucial scan - generally pretty accurate.