Intelligence and Age: science and philosophy

why does it seem like scientists: mathematicians, chemists, physicists (the hard sciences) technical stuff

it seems like people in those fields do their best work in there earlier years, early to mid 20s.
why in philosophy…it seems like philosophers do their best work in their late 30s, early-mid 40s… all the best philosophers seem to release their best work around that age

is their a reason for this

Speaking as someone actually working in science, I think your first “seems like” is completely wrong.

Mathematicians usually do their best work in their 30s, not 20s. As I look back on my own career, I see that my best work was in the decade 30-39 exactly. I did some nice things after that but my most creative was in that decade. As to why. Hard to say. I am still doing some interesting stuff (I will be 78 in a couple weeks), but it gets harder and harder to concentrate. And I certainly tire faster. You lose the fire in the belly.

I refuse to speculate on philosophers. I have the impression that most so-called philosophers are really doing history of philosophy. Philosophy consists of all problems that have never been solved. All the solved ones have broken away into separate disciplines.

My WAG is that the sciences deal with drawing conclusions from concretes, and philosophy deals with wider abstractions. They even involve different hemispheres of the brain that mature at different ages.

Just my WAG.

so it would be the 30s for science/mathematics than… more so than the 20s?
philosophy though is universally late 30s 40s it seems…

do you guys think it might have something to do with fluid vs. crystalized intelligence

fluid intelligence favoring the youth… fluid intelligence being the capability to think logically and problem solving, which helps in math, science etc.

while crystalized intelligence favors older people…the ability to use the experience and knowledge you gained throughout your whole life…

which is why philosophers seem to do their best work in their 40s etc.