Intelligent Design Overview Wanted

Are there any websites that give a comprehensive description of what makes up “Intelligent Design” theory?.

The main element I’ve come across is “irreducible complexity” but not much of anything else.


I’m not sure of a specific website, though I’m sure Infidels has it somewhere.

Basically, the argument is that humans are very complex creatures, and something so complex must have an intelligent creator (i.e. you find a watch on the ground, you don’t assume it evolved naturally. You assume it was created by an intelligence).

The argument against intelligent design is that whatever created humans must be very complex himself, so using the same logic, the creator must have arrived through ‘intelligent design’. The creator must have a creator himself.

Hopefully that’s enough to stay in the scope of GQ, and naturally someone will correct me if I’m missing anything there.

Richard Dawkins answered the argument at length in “The Blind Watchmaker”, which, IMHO, is well worth reading.

Thanks Muppetsoup, another website I’ve been told about is Access Area Network at


My views on evolution are quite contrary to those of Dawkins but it will be interesting to see, once I’ve some idea of what ID means (:)), what the counter arguments are.

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