Intentional Food Poisoning ?

Hi All,

My girlfriend and I ate at an Italian restaurant yesterday, and I think something was done to my food to make me sick. Everytime I eat at this restaurant alone, the food is fine, and the service is great. But, everytime I have eaten at this restaurant with my girlfriend, the service has been terrible, and the waiters seem to have an attitude. I’m an American living in the Philippines, and sometimes the local men can be really angry about a foreigner dating a Filipina. Yesterday, my girlfriend even commented on how bad the service was while we were there, and at the time I did think the waiter gave me a funny look when he served me my lasagna.
I have worked in restaurants before, so I did check my food for spit or boogers, and everything looked fine. About an hour after we ate, my stomach was in knots, and I have spent the past 15 hours on the toilet. The food smelled and looked fine, but is there anything they could have put in my food to make me so sick with diarrhea ?
Anything that might be commonly found in a restaurant kitchen that they could have used on me ?

Thanks !

Hmmm. I’ve worked in restaurants/bars for years and nothing springs to mind immediately.

The only thing I’ve ever heard to ruin someone’s evening that’s virtually tasteless is Visine; apparently a few drops in a drink will go totally unnoticed but will wreak absolute hell on the digestive system within a short amount of time.

It would probably go unnoticed in lasagna also, but since I’ve never known anybody who’s actually used Visine for this purpose (or would admit it, anyway) this is just anecdotal.

Stay away from that place.

I have a friend who told me about the time another woman invited her over for dinner. My friend didn’t have a car and the hostess told her the phone wasn’t working. Then after dinner my friend got horrible intestinal cramps. She couldn’t go to the hospital on her own or call for a ride (this was before cellphones). She was effectively helpless there. The hostess, who said she was a nurse, told my friend that the cure for her distress was an enema. So she proceeded to enema her. Now my friend believes that other woman deliberately poisoned her just to have an excuse to use the enema on her. She thinks that woman had perverted designs on her all along and set her up for that.

What??? :eek: That’s massively fucked up.