Interactive Documentary about Deaths During WWII

Here, about 18 minutes

I’m a history nerd so I knew about the amount that died during the war, but seeing it laid out like they did really drove home that the war really, really sucked, to say the least.

What is that second bar on the left that goes so high? If I’m reading correctly, the next one, to the right is the Mongol Invasions. What IS that?

It was the An Lushan Rebellion.

Quoteth Wikipedia:

Some scholars have interpreted the difference in the census figures as implying the deaths of 36 million people, about two-thirds of the population of the empire. This figure was used in Steven Pinker’s book The Better Angels of Our Nature, where it is presented as proportionally the largest atrocity in history with the loss of a sixth of the world’s population at that time,[18] though Pinker noted that the figure was controversial

That was really informative and interesting. Thank you, RandMcnally, for sharing the link. I’ll be thinking about that video all day now.