Interbred Children in Star Trek

Like the Horta?

I remember when the world’s first “test-tube baby” was born. It was a big freakin’ deal!

Nowadays… yawn. It’s almost common these days.

I imagine by the Star Trek era it’s nothing special at all. Which (fankwank!) is why it’s never mentioned on-screen by the characters - it’s so routine/common it’s not worth mentioning.

Baby Louise!

I remembered B’Elanna’s story incorrectly. I remembered her as being 3/4 Human and 1/4 Klingon.


No kill I

I want to see a hybrid human x kzin.

Even before that, there was Devinoni Ral in the TNG episode The Price — who explained to Troi that he’s so good a negotiator because, like her, he is “part Betazoid”: “my mother was one half, I am one quarter.”

If I recall correctly, the Kzin and the Humans share some kind of interstellar microbial ancestor - so this would also be doable. Assuming that ST Kzin have a similar backstory to KS Kzin.