Interesting clock link

OK, it’s not much, but I thought it was kinda neet for the first 20 seconds or so:

Interesting. I’m going to put that in favorites for New Years.

I’m just going to be sitting in this chair anyway.

Hey, non-EST Dopers, does it pull your settings to adjust for the time zone?

It’s a Japanese domain, so I would say it does.

It was probably really cool on the last seconds of 1999.


That’s pretty cool.

Makes my hands cramp watching it…

It actually pulls the time from your computer.

Watch it when it turns over a minute - it turns over the same as your computer clock.

I’ve been looking for this link, seen it before. It’s cool - thanks!

More cool clock stuff:

And another…

And some more: (you don’t need the Japanese language pack – just press cancel)

And after posting I also found a bunch from Thinkgeek…

In that case I’ll just reset my clock.

Woo hoo. 1 minute till the millenium!
Aw nuts! They don’t all change over because you go from day 31 to day 01. Still cool though.