Interesting Music Paleoarchaeology Article Today

I don’t know a ton about music but I thought this article was fascinating. They give examples of musical styles that have recorded examples years or more before they supposedly ever existed. The #1 pick is a black rap song recorded in 1968 and, although it is part of a comedy album, I can’t deny that it is a real rap song.

I am writing mainly to share but also get other people’s perspectives and maybe some other examples of such things. A response like ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ is true in one sense but not helpful in this thread.

I do recall Pigmeat Markham and that’s clearly the best choice. But I’d be surprised if he were the first to do something like that.

Robert Preston doing his spoken-word best in THE MUSIC MAN comes pretty close.

I’m trying to figure out how Ms Hardy is particularly like the Smashing Pumpkins, or particularly unlike her contemporaries.

I dunno, the droning guitar that the song starts with (and then moves to the background) sounds pretty un-1964 to me. I was quite surprised to hear it.

I saw what they were getting at, sort of, but my first thought at hearing Mlle. Hardy was “sounds sort of Velvet Underground”.

Rap went downhill after Blowfly let loose with this one, circa 1973… and it’s NOT work safe…

Instead of Pigmeat Markham, I would have included the Last Poets and Gil Scott-Heron.

Blowfly rules. He and Rudy Ray Moore were the shiznit before there even was shiznit.