Interesting guitar video

This woman (click the skip ad button) appears to be self-taught. Not that she’s a virtuoso or anything, but it’s an interesting folk-style way of playing.

yeah, i have linked to this musician before. Playing a specially set-up guitar; missing a string or two, with the high strings set up in an open chord and the bass strings to complement. Basically appears to be a improvised or local variant to lap steel or Hawaiin slack key playing. Cool.

It seems to me that there’s some other string instrument which is usually fretted that way, but I can’t think of what it would be. Well, in general, I mean, without the flourishes like knuckle rolls and fret slides.

That’s nothing. Watch Rory Hoffman play Autumn Leaves in a similar style. One difference: Rory is…well, I’ll let someone else tell us his handicap.

I’m so sick of blind geniuses. Handicapped people get all the breaks. :mad: :wink:

I’d guess you’re thinking of the mountain dulcimer.

I’ll see your Rory Hoffman and raise you a Stefan Joubert!

Another blind asshole genius :): Jeff Healy, similar style but blues/rock.

Yeah, mountain dulcimer is what I was thinking of (though I don’t think I knew the name before). Thanks, Turble!

That was the first thought to pop into my head. “So she’s playing it like a dulcimer? Cool.”

Awesome - straight-up jazz guitar, but played lap-guitar style. I can’t imagine how he does it, but it sounds spot on as a performance…

Ah, a Stanley Jordan two-handed tap player…with the guitar on his lap. Fascinating.

The guitar can be used as a music-triggering device in so many ways…