Interesting job

I’m taking a break from school and looking for a job. So I’m checking the classifieds and find an ad for a warehouse position with decent pay. I call, set up and apointment and go in, the interview is around 5 minutes long and the guy tells me that he’s the local distributor for some bigtime merchandice company. He askes me to come back the next day to observe the opperation and see if I want to do it.

This sounds a little weird to me. What am I supposed to be observing? I had nothing else to do early the next day so I head back. The man I talked to the day before introduces me to the guy I’m going to be observing, he takes me down to his car and me and his partner get in. One guy is probably 40 and spent a lot of time in the food service industry, the other is in his low twenties, uses a lot of poor grammar, and in general I’m not getting a great vibe. I suppose it should have hit me earlier, but I’m generally a go with the flow kind of guy and don’t get too concerned with details. Anyway, we get to “the office” which is a strip mall off the highway. So I spent 20 minutes watching these guys try to sell plastic coolers out of the back of a truck to people having lunch in a diner and construction workers before I asked them to take me back to my car so I could do something with my day.

Sounds like the sort of operation that will be selling junky speakers in a parking lot on the other side of town tomorrow.

You could have been asked to hawk perfume to unsuspecting mall patrons as they walked back to their cars. Count yourself lucky.

Been there, done that, for about the same length of time. For me it was speakers, pool cues, ‘pleather’ briefcases…

Did the guys you were ‘observing’ have contests to see who could collect the most ‘No Soliciting’ signs? :rolleyes: