Interesting new touch screen watch!

Tissot unveils world’s first touch-screen wristwatch

Eh, I had a touch-screen watch in middle school. It was digital (lcd) and had a really big face because the touch screen included a calculator mode. I remember always being very careful because I knew one little scratch would sever the various sensors (if you held it sidewise to the light, you could see on the face the different distinct areas that were sensitive to touch). It was pretty cool, but the part I never understood was that it was only sensitive to human skin. If you took a pen or something else and touched the keypad, it would not respond. The only thing it would respond to was my finger–good thing I was so little because with the calc. mode, the different areas for each number were so small, it was easy to hit the wrong area on the face until you had a little practice. Don’t remember the namebrand; I stopped wearing watches altogether soon afterwards, so I don’t quite remember what happened to it.

Oh, and why did they need that naked chick on that first link you provided?

Oh, I should add that middle school meant sometime between 1982-1984, so this isn’t a particularly groovy-cool-new concept.