Interesting pictures of international borders

This thread in response to Velocity’s question.

I’ve started a new thread for it, because it’s interesting enough to be a topic on its own, and it would hijack the political discussion in the original thread.

Here are some collections of pictures showing interesting pictures of borders.

Some of them are beautiful natural boundaries. Some of them illustrate the environmental effects of different politics in two countries. Others have interesting markers or structures at the border.

There is some overlap between the sites, with some pictures appearing multiple times. But they all have some unique pictures.

Some of my favourites:

[spoiler] People using the US/ Mexico border fence for a game of volleyball.

The Belgium/ Netherlands border that runs straight through someone’s house.

Ziplining between Spain and Portugal

The Snowmobile track between Norway and Sweden. [/spoiler]

Feel free to share any others.

I admit being slightly disappointed that this list, while interesting, did not included a shot of the border between China and Mongolia on which would be sitting… a bored panda.

Can’t say they’re particularly interesting but
a hotel just on the French side of the border from Spain
Border passes between Basel, Switzerland and Saint-Louis, France. I used to take the second one daily, one of Basel’s tram lines starts just behind it.
That tree-covered island is Pheasants Island, in the Bidasoa River between France and Spain. The Treaty of the Pyrinees was signed there.
Views of the Miño or Minho River, between Tuy (Spain) and Valenca (Portugal).
Are we tired of water yet? The Oresundbron, between Copenhaguen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden).

Here’s my picture of the border between the United States and Canada. (The picture is taken from Canada, so the border is in the middle of the river, at the bottom of the picture).

Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. One island with a Dutch side and a French side.

I always whistle La Marseillaise when we pass this sign, which we usually do several times a day while on vacation.

The one I find most dramatic is the nighttime view of the two Koreas from space. There is no question which one is which – North Korea is simply a black hole.

The Taylor “Highway” leading to the Poker Creek border crossing between Alaska and Canada. I’ve driven that incredibly crappy road more times than I can remember.

I’ve always liked the ceremony they have at the one crossing between India and Pakistan. It’d be neat if more countries did something like that.

Also Australia’s border is pretty neat.

The black line represents the border between Canada and the United States.

And this is what it appears to be; a public library that’s shared by the towns of Derby Line, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec.

The weird thing is that when Korea was divided there were concerns that South Korea wouldn’t be economically viable. Before the split, the southern half of Korea was mainly farmland and most of Korea’s advanced industry was in the north.

This is a great website:

It explores the border between US and Canada, from end to end!

My favorite is the border(s) between Baarle-Hertog, Belgium and Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands.

I can’t imagine what kind of situation led to that cartographic catastrophe.

My impression is that individual landowners were allowed to choose which kingdom(?) they could belong to. Not sure when or why…

This site:
has a lot of detail