Interesting questions.

I’ve heard(?) posters remark that the questions in GQ have been boring recently.

So - what makes a question interesting? If I want to provide amusement for my friends, in what direction should I go?

What may be interesting to me may not be to someone else. I say, if you find some/all boring, then move on to another forum. I almost always find at least one interesting topic in one of the forums, although GQ is the one I visit most. I always check out the othes, however, and usually find something there too. To me, the great thing about SD is you post what YOU’RE interested in or need info for or just curious about, and if others reply, fine, if not, that’s okay too. I say there’s enough here for everyone.

Questions about housepets are always popular,
as are questions about sexual practices and preferences. Appeals for personal interpretations of plot lines in current films are a source of endless annoyance// I mean enjoyment, and the good old “medical problem but I don’t see/trust doctors” are garanteed to generate replies. Then there’s the “my appendix tingles when I eat sunflower seeds and my eyeballs bugout when I poop, am I crazy?” genre.

Secret phrases on Pepsi cans.
The possibilities are endless!

Yeah, the same topics Cecil covers. Bodily fluids are good. Sometimes stupidity makes a good starting point. Of course, too much stupidity leads to a Loverock type character.