Interesting Sites for Bored People

Who could forget

with its “murders with the middle name of Wayne” list, and the list of “no longer weird”.

And I’m amazed no one has mentioned

I do like the lolcats and loldogs just for the bit o’ cute needed to make me smile. used to be pretty interesting, but they don’t seem to be putting up anything new lately.

Thread of the year! Thank you, I feel your pain.

An idea for a great public service.

An edited anthology to be found in a Bored Silly or Immediate Diversions sticky, somewhere in Dopeland. How marketed beyond, we leave to the Big Dope.

How edited? A POLL, of course.
I have absolutely no interest in doing more than giving a 0-5 star rating to any link I visit. Actually, 0-10 would be great. How it could be done, pollsters?

Sorry for the hijack.

I’ve just gone through 13 pages of Oh my everlovin’ Gawd.