Interesting Title company and contracts question

Ok, I realize nothing posted here counts as “real” legal advice, all standard disclaimers apply, etc. etc.

But I’ve got an interesting situation for you legal-minded types to ponder.

Suppose I sign a contract to buy a house. Seller signs it too. It says the price is, say, 100.

Title company makes a mistake at closing and tells me the price is 50. I gladly pay the title company 50 and take possession of the keys. :smiley:

Seller wasn’t present at closing, but a few days pass and I have a recorded deed at the courthouse saying I own the place.

Title company realizes the mistake and comes after me for the remainder.

In my mind, I am wondering if I am legally responsible for the rest.

Technically, the title company has paid the seller on my behalf, therefore I have fulfilled the terms of the contract I signed.

And due to a collosal blunder on the part of the title company, they forgot to ask me to sign their “Hold Harmless” document, which has the errors and omissions clause stating I am responsible for potential errors in the price.

So, can I sleep soundly at night, or should I worry about getting sued?

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