Interesting vBulletin Feature - Maybe

I just noticed something kinda odd. When you view a user profile there’s a numeric code at the end of the URL. It appears these numbers are assigned in the order in which you were registered. For instance, the code at the end of the URL for UncleBeer is “913” and I registered on 5/3/99. The code at the end of the URL for Satan is “930” and he registered on 5/4/99. (Happy Anniversary, Satan). So, now you can find out exactly who was here before or after anyone else.

This is different than the UBB in that the UBB had your user name in the URL rather than a sequential numerical string.

So, let’s see who really holds the mark of the beast, number 666… it’s “maxzmomliz”, never hoid of him.


Interesting! It also means you can go down the list for low userids.

For example, userid 2 is Lynn Bodoni.

You might be onto something there UncleBeer.

I just want to check my own profile.

Pretty cool. As of this moment, the newest user, asdfasd, is number 6185.

Who is number one? Aparrently we, like the Prisoner will never know. But number six is Ed Zotti.

Hey, Ed, can you give us a little “I am not a number! I am a free man!” here?

Here I thought I was clever. “Number one has to be Cecil,” I thought. Nope. Cecil is number 31.

Hmm, a fiendishly clever way to check my number and to increase post count. I like this.

I’m 137. Not too shabby!

There is no 1, so Lynn is first. Well, the administrators would have the lowest numbers.

SoxFan 59, you are 61. Doh!

I’m number 1008, and I registered on 5/10/99.

Hey, I’m 3535. Pretty neat!



I’m #4190, having registered on 23 January 2000.
I see Swiddles is #4015, which strikes me as a neat number. Hmmm… In the nine days between her registration (14 January) and mine, there were 175 registrations?!

I’m # 2732. And my PO Box is 73! Hmmmm, this coinkidink makes no sense whatsoever! But I’ll get to the bottom of it, believe you me.

Hope nobody thinks less of me for my high number: 4905.

My only excuse (feeble though it may be) is that it took me a long time to get over here from a.f.c-a.

I’m 149. I’m kind of surprised, considering how low my post count is.

2085 here. I like it.

I also noticed that there is now an AIM id section in the profile. That could be useful for stalking some of you. :slight_smile:

Cool, now we have a new way to establish meaningless heirarchies around here, along with number of posts!

So, with that in mind, here is the SDMB Top 20 (aka aha’s new suck-up list):

  1. (?)
  2. Lynn Bodoni (3/9/99)
  3. Dan Kaplan (2/18/99)
  4. dunl (2/18/99)
  5. jkeene (2/18/99)
  6. Ed Zotti (2/18/99)
  7. jcrandall (2/19/99)
  8. SDStaffKen (2/19/99)
  9. SDStaffWildBabe (2/19/99)
  10. jimboy (2/19/99) (apparently the same as jcrandall; zero posts)
  11. VegForLife (2/19/99) (first non-administrator)
  12. Songbird (2/19/99)
  13. Melis (2/19/99)
  14. Monty (2/19/99)
  15. Cyberian54 (2/19/99) (posts: 0; email:
  16. Cyberian55 (2/19/99) (posts: 2. I swear, I am not making any of this up!)
  17. WildBabe (2/19/99)
  18. Ian Rey (2/19/99)
  19. CKDextHavn (2/19/99)
  20. Mike Lenehan (2/20/99)

Now this is interesting. What’s the deal with Lynn? She never showed her BBQ-moderating mug round these parts until March, yet she still gets to be number two? What’s up with that? Can I petition Ed and the boys to make me number one? Will aha beat me to it? Oh, and one last thing:

  1. Granny J (3/11/99) (1 post)

Not Douglas Adams? Oh, well…

  • neuro-trash grrrl (aka poster #2381)

Always late on the draw, I come in at 3501

3111 for me, registered 11/4/99.

Hm, there are now almost as many people who registered after me as registered before. When we have 6222 members, I will be the fulcrum of the SDMB!

(Who’s the current one? Well, right now the newest person is Honesty at #6201. So half of that is 3100, The Smartass (SanibelMan), but that seems to be an alternate id. 3101 is Jo3sh, who has a relataive small number of posts. But, at the moment, he is the center of trhe SDMB universe!)

– Da Ace, who has a little too much free time this morning.

Number 546

Registered 04-08-1999.

::Notes his postcount is lower than his user ID #::

Gonna have to fix that…