Interesting Whoopsie Associated with the New Server Transition

In this thread, zev_steinhart and I exchanged some good-natured banter on gematria and Eliezer of Damascus just before the SDMB Tech Gods took the boards down to move them onto the new host server. When things came back up, my post was #51, and zev’s post responding to it was #49 – producing the effect of a response before what it was responding to.

It’s hardly a big deal, but a case where the transition caused a reshuffling of a couple of recent posts. As such, it’s worth noting for Jerry and the Techies (hey, band name!) and the worthy Admins. and Mods. to be aware of. (I can imagine if someone made a very hot-under-the-collar post in post #39 of some thread that was in response to an insulting remark preserved in post #44, thanks to the transition having shuffled them – situations like that are why I bring it up.)

Plus Jerry deserves to know about little bogies like this simply because they may or may not be symptomatic of a problem with the transition, and he’s the man who would know whether they are or not – but only if he’s made aware of them.

Jerry is aware of these issues, please see his note in the thread about the transition.

I doubt this is anything more than just some of the wackiness that comes in the wake of this sort of thing and was temporary in its effect. As we move forward, you shouldn’t see that sort of thing, though of course please let us know if you do.

your humble TubaDiva