Intergalactic Hippie Bus Project dot Org

Yup… you heard me right. I’ve been on a space travel kick today at work for some odd reason. ((Mainly because I have absolutely nothing to do today.)) So, having researched a couple of sites*, I’ve come up with a plan to travel to our closest neighboring star, Proxima Centauri in the Alpha Centauri star system. ((Approx. 4.2 light years from here))

Here’s what I’ve learned so far: To blast a school bus with an ion drive system off of this planet and get it to Proxima Centauri within about 900 years, you’d need about ten railway tanker sized propellant tanks, so let’s make it 12. I figure “Hey, why not give them at least a chance to stop once they get there.”

Here’s where I ran into the first of many flaws in my plan. 900 years… barring any plague, extreme illness, or genetic flaw that’s about 15 generations of people. So, to have enough people to keep that 15th generation from looking like the general populace of Pike County, Kentucky, we’d need about 30 people.

Now came the problem of feeding those 30 people. Alright… we’ll just send plants with enough nutrients and vitamins and what-not. That’ll also help with that whole Oxygen problem too.

Now the big one. Where am I gonna find 30 people that wouldn’t mind taking only one pair of clothes on one bus that’s also already cramped with some photo equipment and a shtload of plants on a 900 year journey, that also would fck each other enough to have enough children, and finally wouldn’t mind sharing said bus with those children and raising them there in that ultimate of communal environments?

Hmmm… Oh yeah… DUH! Hippies!!.

They’ve been doing this kinda stuff since the early 60s. Only now, they’d be doing it in space. They’re perfect for the project.

Now, to negate the cost of this project I’m setting up** ((Oh I hope it’s not already taken.)) and I’m asking for your kind and generous donations.

I’m also taking volunteers, so if you like travel, and don’t mind sleeping on top of a different person every night, you might be the right person for the mission. ((Pseudo-hippie grunge-punks that are still living in the early nineties need not apply.))

Thanks for your time.

~Stephen a.k.a. Simetra

** - Site doesn’t actually exist. :slight_smile:

Ooh. I’m in. Do we also get to decorate the bus?

Zero Gravity Bong Hits Rule!

Oh yeah, like, wow man… this is such a cool idea. I volunteer to like, paint the bus, man… that would be so coooool…

But, but, waitaminnit, man… I mean, like, we need a new slogan, man, because “Ass or grass, baby, nobody rides for free” just ain’t gonna’ cut it no more. Ya see, man? Dude, I’m trippin’.

How about, “gimme H[sup]2[/sup] or LOX or show me your box, baby, nobody rides for free?”

No. Wait a minute man, that sucks. I think my brain is gonna’ explode.

Dude, this is so cool.