Internal Urinary Alarm Clock

We’re not talking about frequent urination here, so that rules out incontinence and diabetes(already done). No mention of pain or discharge, so that pretty much rules out infection(take your temp.). Drinking less water before bed doesn’t necessarily lower urine output. It’s normal to have a full bladder after a good night’s sleep, so my WAG is you have a change in your sleep requirements. Try staying up 30-45 minutes later for a couple of weeks. As you age, you need less sleep. If that doesn’t work, go get your thyroid checked.


Wait. . .if it happens again, there’s another solution to the problem. . . Modify the bed to have a built-in flushable bedpan, so that you don’t have to get up and go into the bathroom. You can just roll over and then unroll. Maybe you can learn to do it in your sleep. :slight_smile:

Ray (ex-engineer. . .well, not exactly a sanitary one. . .er. . .)