International drivers license Q

Call it a death wish but I’ll be visiting my sister in Cairo in a few months and want to be a legal driver over there. I was there about three years ago and my assessment of traffic in Cairo is that it is like bumper cars on crack :slight_smile: Anywho… A google search gave me way too much info. It seemed like anybody’s brother can get you an international drivers license. For a wide range of fees. Am I missing an easy channel that is low cost or free?
Thanks in advance.

International Driver’s Licenses
You may also wish to search the SDMB threads. IIRC most Dopers think they are a waste, providing you possess a legitimate driver’s license from your own country.

I googled around a little bit and came up with this.

According to this US government site, many countries do legally require a IDP. A list of the countries requiring one (found here from 1996) does include Egypt.

The IDPs are available from AAA for about $10.

I hope this helps a little.