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First, the story: I’ve been looking for a good digicam recently. For research, there are 3 sites I’ve found that are good online: dpreview, dcresource, steve’s digicams. While checking news at dcresource, I find that has many stolen full (20+ page, including images in some cases) reviews from all 3 of the above. This is bad, and mr. dcresource is understandably upset.

Now, the question: is (obviously) in China. From a post many moons ago, I tracked down. It says US (where dcresource is located, I believe) has all sorts of “don’t steal our stuff” agreements with China. But so what? Aside from sending the “cease-and-desist” letter (dcresource did, no response, no result), what can he do? To further complicate matters, dpreview is located in London.

So, how 'bout it? A couple of script kiddies with some spare time could take care of this for a good long while, but what can be done legally?

If you’d rather, you can email the dcresource admin. I won’t post his email here, but it’s on his site.

I know this doesn’t answer the question, but the question itself is in danger of sliding into limbo and I think that there’s the chance you might get an answer if it’s bumped back to page 1.

If the perpetrator happens to be directly linking images from the owner’s server, that leaves open the option to change the images, with hilarious results. Dr. Damage over at the Tech Report has had his revenge more than once.

Example One

Example Two

I hope you get a legal answer, but my general impression is that little can be done.

Thanks for the bump, Sofa King.
Here’s an example of the theft (note that they copied the images first, smart thieves.)

DCResource review

PCOnline translation

I had a Chinese co-worker gloss the sections that aren’t obvious (lists of included accessories, pics, etc.); he says it’s verbatim, no attributation.