International Organization of Heterosexual Rights©

International Organization of Heterosexual Rights©

There are so many things wrong with this website that I don’t know where to start, finish, or cry.

Let’s start with the link to this .pdf that they have to have children opt out of sexual education which would include anything that’s not within a heterosexual marriage. This includes AIDS education.
Or here where goes into the “Homosexual Manifesto” (since we’re so fucking organized. They assume that this is real.

Most of this website is copies of articles, full copies. Which almost makes ya wonder if the sources didn’t agree with their sick fucking agenda, if they’d sue 'em for infringement.

Then they have things like “The Truth about Africa”

I could go on, but go explore this for yourself. I’m sure this is one of many types of these websites. But I just had the misfortune of running across the president of this website. Shudder.

I just think it’s funny they have a wee man humping away at their manly words.


Reading the “Homosexual Manifesto” page, one thing came to mind: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Castro Street.

Oh, I forgot to warn everyone that there’s really bad country music when you click on the website.

No one listens to the old men. If teh gheys want to get an audience for that book, they should change the title to “Prety Damn Smart Twinks of Castro Street.” :slight_smile:

Informative indeed. This was the first I’d heard that soy beans cause homosexuality.

There’s a shit load o’ midwestern famers a-gonna be purt’ damned suprised to hear that.

Unless there’s a very subterranean gay-code of gimme caps and beer guts.

All you need to do is attend a beer bust at the Dirty Duck in Portland, OR to see just that.

Damn straight! It’s about time us heterosexuals got some equal rights!

I demand that, immediately we be allowed to[ul]
[li]Marry people who we fall in love with.[/li][li]Have protection from discrimination.[/li][li]Not get beaten or killed for public displays of affection.[/li][li]Not be blamed for all of society’s ills.[/li][li]Not be a political rallying point for bigots and those who cater to them.[/li][li]Not have to be made to feel like second class citizens in our own countries.[/li][/ul]

Oh… oh wait. We aleady have those. Gays don’t. Whoops, my bad.

I love that song.

Yeah but the Manifesto Page has Elvis!!

“We shall sodomize them on the beaches. We shall sodomize them on the landing grounds. We shall sodomize them in the fields, and in the streets, we shall sodomize them in the hills. We shall never surrender!” -Winston “Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash” Churchill

I dated a girl who claimed she once had two gay rednecks as roommates. I said “So I guess they weren’t limited to scratching their own balls when they’re watching NASCAR?”

Also, that was beautiful, Miller.

Ya know, the whole of WWII woulda been different…

That is just too fucked up for words.

[Corporal Jones]“They do not like it up 'em!”[/CJ]

Souped-up crackpots like that give regular crackpots a bad name… It hurts my eyes and my brain to read garbage like that only because I know there are those who actually believe it. Everything is a conspiracy against morals, sure… ho hum…

Sounds like someone’s been watching too many gay porn videos.

The speech does cry out for a synthesizer sound track, doesn’t it?

I enjoyed the irony of their scaring parents by saying “Are you choosing your child’s sexuality for him/her?” on a site that encourages you to make sure your child is not homosexual :dubious:

(I think the thing about “choosing your child’s sexuality” had something to do with soybeans making you gay)