Internet Bandwidth Tests?

Just wondering if anybody knows of a website or some sort of utility to test the bandwidth of an internet connection - specifically, one that is accurate over approximately 5MBit/second. My school, Laurentian University, recently upgraded their bandwidth and i’m curious to see what the “true” bandwidth available to me is. With a fair amount of googling, I only really managed to find a few different online tests, all of which have a stated maximum of around 5MBit/sec (and my connection scores about 5200KBit, or 5.08MBit) so i’m pretty sure I’m “burying the needle” so to speak.

Any links/info would be greatly appreciated,


You could try the DSL Reports speed tests – they say they’re accurate up to 5 mbit. Worth a shot if nothing else. Free too.

Sorry, I’ll try to read OPs a bit closer in the future.

You might try this link It doesn’t list a speed limit.

They don’t say anything about a limit. I’ve tested a connection at work that read 12 Mbps. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that measurement, but it seemed about right.

Maybe the Premium services on there, as opposed to the free ones, do better with high speeds.