internet condom purchase

great way to get product you can’t find locally…


…asking for sub-standard, even defective product and being added to hundreds of unwanted mailing lists?


Even if this is a perfectly legitimate business, who knows what heat and stuff the condoms will be exposed to on the way to be delivered. Plus, you don’t know the company. It’s too important of a thing to risk, IMO.

Who knows? Maybe they are selling a pre-owned product. :eek:

So THAT’S what they mean by 100% tested!

Condoms have to be delivered to the drugstore, too, right? Wouldn’t the same thing apply?


Back before I got married, this was my supplier. Never a problem, never a failure. My personal favorite: Kimono Ultra-Thin. :smiley: is another good one.

I’m a big fan of the Trojan twisted pleasure ones (and so is my girlfriend!)

My brother just revealed to me that he buys them from because it’s alot cheaper.

He got this box in the mail and since I couldn’t see all that well I thought it had “ideastream TM” on the side which is something related to the local PBS station and I was like “whatcha get?” thinking maybe he ordered a documentary or something and he said “condoms” and I was quite confused until he admitted they were cheaper at “” (which is what the box said). also has great prices on name-brand condoms. I’ve made a purchase or two there, just for the savings.