Internet Explorer for MAC is driving me NUTS

I cannot get the history to persist! I set it at 1000 pages (which is the max) and within hours the links are back to “unvisited” color! This makes me crazy!

This is something that I desperately miss about Netscape, which IE beats in every other respect. I could set the history to remember the last 365 DAYS of places visited… I can’t get IE to remember the last 5 MINUTES!

Anyone know why this is and what I can do about it? (Using 5.0 by the way)

Bump… so even the DOPE can’t help me? WAH…

Maybe your Explorer preferences are corrupted. Trash them and reboot the Mac. Mine (OS 8.6 --for the last day, I just got a new G4!!) are in the System:Preferences:Explorer:History path.

Yikes. I have never had this problem with IE. (Not that I dabble with History that much…)

I vote for trashing preferences too.