Internet Explorer question

WHat setting do I need to change so that the tiles for the various windows I have open are displayed across the bottom of the screen instead of stacked up?

Right click on the task bar, select “Properties”. Uncheck the box that says “Group similar Taskbar buttons”. Hit “ok”. This setting applies to all programs, mind you, so if you like other types of windows to be grouped in the taskbar, that won’t happen.

Alternatively, IE7 has tabbed browsing now, so your taskbar isn’t cluttered with IE windows, but you can still see all of your open IE tabs separately. Might be worth trying.

Do you mean that your taskbar (the gray bar with “Start” at one end and the clock at the other) runs vertically down one side of your screen? If so, just click it on any empty spot (not on a button), hold the mouse button down and drag it to the bottom of the screen. You can also put it on the top of the screen if you prefer.

I don’t like any windows to be grouped together and IE windows are all I have open. Thanks for the quick response.