Internet Exporer Question

Something strange started happening today. If I have one window open and double click on the icon, instead of opening a new window it resets the first window to my homepage. The back button is greyed out so it’s like it closes the old one and opens a new one. How do I fix this?

Comments about how I should switch browsers or operating systems will not be appreciated.


In IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. Under Browsing, uncheck “Reuse windows for launching shortcuts”, and click OK. You may need to restart IE for the change to take effect.

Thanks, Q.E.D., but that didn’t work. I made the change, closed IE and then restarted Windows. When I opened IE, I looked and verified that the box was still unchecked.

Any other ideas?


The only other thing I can think of at the moment is a third-party plugin gone awry. To see if this is the case, go to the Addvanced tab again and uncheck “Allow third party browser extensions”. Click OK. You definitely need to restart IE after this change. It might even be a good idea to reboot your computer entirely just to refresh everything. If this fixes the problem, then you know you have an issue with a third-party product. At this point, you’ll need to start uninstalling them one at a time (after re-emnabling third party extensions) until you find the one that makes the problem go away again.

Spy/mal/crap ware is also a possibility, as always. Try the usual Spybot, Adaware and whatever other spyware detection/removal tools others have mentioned here.

Whaty OS and version of IE are you using?

Thanks, Q.E.D. that one did work. I’ll run adaware and spybot tonight. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t just leave that box unchecked permanently?

BTW, I am running XP and IE 6.


Glad you got it working again. :slight_smile:

You can certainly leave that box unchecked if you like. However, if you have things like the Google Toolbar installed, this will disable them. If you don’t use these things, there’s no reason not to keep the box unchecked. It won’t affect the native functionality of IE.