Internet Hot Spots- Do you like them?

I live in the suburbs, so I have not yet really embraced the whole wireless broadband culture. My broadband comes into my house courtesy of Time Warner. My Treo handheld has internet capabilites but at dial up speeds. I am very curious about how much Dopers use wireless broadband.

How much do you use Wireless BB? The only place near my house that has a hot spot is Starbucks and they charge an INCREDIBLE amount for a monthly subscription (couple this with the fact that I never stay in Starbucks for longer than the time required to get my coffee, it makes for a deal breaker…)
Starbucks uses T-Mobile as their wi/fi (is that the correct usage?) provider. And they charge about 45 a month for a subscription (which is more than I pay for my home BB).

Does T-Mobile have any hot spots OTHER than at Starbucks?

Are there a lot of free Hot spots where you live?

I have heard of airports being hot spots. How does that work? Is it free?

I know Philadelphia has talked about being one big, free hot spot.

Can you play MMORPGs on wireless BB?

I find the subject fascinating, but find myself locked out because the technology is not really a high priority in the suburbs.

(I searched for the topic, but “hot” is too short to use as a search term…)