Internet SLOW for anyone this afternoon besides me

It’s been sucking for about 3-4 hours now. Most noticible when watching something like youtube. Or is there something on my machine?

There are a lot of variables between your keyboard and your browser when it comes to connecting to the internet. Your computer, your browser, your router, your modem, your ISP, their path to the site(s) in question. Unless someone on the SDMB lives in your neighborhood and uses the same ISP, there’s little value in asking the Rest Of The World whether or not their specific configuration for connecting to the Internet is also slow.

People can stop by here and give ya tips on how to check your connection for problems, though. I don’t seem to have any useful advice on the subject at the moment.

For starters, try this:

Mine’s been a little slower than usual over the past few days. I think it’s because of the Olympics and the resultant increased traffic.

Are you on Comcast? I saw others complaining about it, mostly concerning Netflix and YouTube. The theory is that Verizon and Comcast are throttling high-traffic sites, and Verizon just won a court case that seems to back their right to go against Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is the concept that ISPs can’t favor one sort of traffic over another.

Jen broke it. :smiley:
(An IT Crowd in-joke)

Nope, Roadrunner.

It got amazingly better about 8PM EST last night. Been super fast all day today.

A great joke opportunity was missed here. No one should’ve answered for a day or two, and then posted “I know! I’ve been having problems too!”

tsk tsk

I had an extremely slow internet this afternoon for about 15 minutes after it had been going smoothly. I deleted all unnecessary cookies, closed Firefox (which automatically empties the cache), ran CCleaner and tried again. No difference, so I rebooted and still no luck. It ended up fixing itself shortly afterwads. No idea what happened.

Was having DNS issues earlier this morning (couldn’t get to most sites). It is better now, but still having issues.

Oddly enough, two sites I could get to were my local ISP (understandable) and (online board gaming site)


Funny, that’s when mine basically tanked.

Seems like there’s a quota on the speed and they’re just shuffling it around. >_>

Perhaps this was a part of it.