Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License in Louisiana

Wow. I hope that this guy will be removed from office forthwith…

Not sure there is a debate here. This clearly flies in the face of current law. I expect he will get slapped down pretty hard over this.

I’m sure someone’s done this already, but here it goes…

And so on.

Yeah, there’s no debate here, but this is a gem:

There might not be a debate. Maybe a debate about simple censure or outright removal from office? Or a removal to an appropriate forum by a mod… :wink:

There’s already a Pit thread going on.

Not sure there’s even a debate there. Guy is a sitting judge, openly discriminating on the basis of race, and telling the newspaper he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. That’s enough to declare him unfit to serve as judge in my book.

Maybe could debate whether the Justice Department should prosecute him for a civil rights violation…

Is a justice of the peace a judge? Or is one more like a county clerk? Because if he’s more like a county clerk couldn’t he use the same defense that pharmacists who won’t dispense day after pills use?

Are you serious or just jerking my chain? Prosecute him?

He violated Loving v. Virginia, okay. What’s the penalty for violation of a SCOTUS order?

But, I’ll play. You think that every white father in the south would have no objection to his daughter marrying a black guy?

What in the world does this statement have to do with any of the previous statements in this thread?

typically there’s a penalty when people break the law.

This guy’s really at the vanguard of the modern civil rights movement. Why, he even lets them colored folk use the front door of the courthouse. How’s that for progressive!


18 U.S.C. 242

IANAUSL, but is it impossible that what he has done could be an offence under the Civil Rights Act, or under state legislation?

And the relevance of this would be what, exactly?

On edit: I see that Oakminster has answered my first question.

He should removed from office with complete loss of pension.

Yes, because, oh heavens, such a child might grow up to be President of the United States or something. :rolleyes:

So the message is “I like all kinds of people, so long as they know their place” :slight_smile:

Although in all fairness, President Obama’s parents did get divorced.

OK, kidding aside, Bardwell is a serious shitheel. Does he really think that he’s going to get away with this? I wonder if anyone is going to take up his cause.

I vote disbarment, and deportation. A country such as Brazil should be real welcoming to the judge’s enlightened views.

Reads like it’s straight out of The Onion. How sad that it isn’t.