Interrupting the President of the United States of America

Approximately 1m19s into the Presidents address, a man interrupts Bush’s standing ovation with a distinctly religious chant (here) Any clue what he is saying?

Also I question the potential Secret Service response to this outburst, how quickly was this dude escorted from the room?

It’s barely audible on my RealPlayer, and it’s just that somebody’s saying something, no words are distinguishable–the guy is too far away from Bush’s stage mike. I suppose it’ll be in the papers tomorrow.

I could hear the guy say “please” as one of the words. It sounded to me like an emcee or similar type guy asking the audience to do (or not do) something.

Actually, I have it from a very good source (the voice in my head) that it was just an extraterrestrial being asking…“Please…stop the hate, can’t we just get along?”

I can distinctly hear the following words:


Why does the Prez allow an fanatic audience member to speak over him? I wouldn’t :slight_smile:

Well, from what I could hear, it sounded like the Prez didn’t really have a choice. He starts saying his preliminary speechifying hem-haws and then suddenly there’s this guy’s voice out in the audience, “MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE mumble mumble mumble mumble”, but the Prez just goes on talking without missing a beat. It’s possible he didn’t even realize someone was (technically) heckling him–he looked totally focussed on his speech.

He makes kind of a little “wait a minute” patting gesture, so I guess he was aware that someone was still talking, after the “USA! USA!” chanting had died down, but it still doesn’t look like the gist of it registered on him.

I could only make out, “Unite us, please, Mister President.” So I think the guy was just giving the prez a little pep talk. But man, I can’t believe they did the USA chant.