Intestines Sucked Out By Toilet

I know this was published before by Cecil but I can’t find it in the archives.

A woman sat on the toilet on a cruise ship. she was overweight and her butt made a seal around the toillet. She flushed before she got up and her intestines were sucked out.

Can someone help me find more details and some sources to qualify this story? It appeared several years ago.

Ok, this is a little OT but similar.

I had a 9th grade science teacher who taught us about a young child sitting on a water intake grate in a public swimming pool. The strong suction clamped him to the grate and did suck his internal organs down deeper into his body cavity. I’m not sure if the child drowned or died from the internal injuries.

This guy had a thing for bizarre mortalities - he told us about the factory worker who go cooked by a microwave dish across the street that got pointed at his work space by accident, and the guy whose dog urinated on the third rail and electrocuted him through the chain dog leash.

Vivit–go look at your toilet seat. Notice how the moveable sit does not fit flush against the toilet bowl, but has a gap. This would prevent someone from making a perfect seal.

Okay, so let’s say the fat lady had the muthuh of all fat asses. When toilets flush, they do evacuate the water from the bowl, but not all the air. There would have been insufficient air pressure to suck out her intenstines (I admit this is a guess, but it’s an educated guess).

Ah, a classic. Here ya go.

The cruise ship toilet:

The pool intake:

And as a bonus one on a Boeing:

Bon apetit.


Well I guess Cecil was wrong. I read it in the City Paper in Baltimore several years ago and he actually quoted the medical journal he got it from.

Supposedly the reason the vaccum was created was 'cos it was on a ship toilet not a regular toilet in your home.

You question the word of Cecil? Heretic! Blasphemer! =B^)

Seriously, the whole story sounds too horror-movie-ish for me to consider it anything but a myth. If you can find and post a cite for the medical journal article, we might buy it, but other than that I don’t think many people here will believe you.

Aura, the authoritative cites can be found in the links I gave, but I fished them out for you.

The ship toilet event can be found in the Journal of the American Medical Association:

JAMA March 6, 1987 257(9):1177 (not available on web)

The 3-year-old girl and the pool intake can be read about in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weeky Report:


Which way do ship toilets spin? :slight_smile:

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Well I certainly hope everything came out alright for these poor people.

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I have a personal witness to make . . . ::d & r::

When I was about 11 years old, I was swimming in the across-the-street neighbor’s pool. I had a little bit of a tummy then (still do :(), and I was leaning against the edge of the pool, facing out, talking to someone, and up against the pool intake. I DID, in fact, get caught in the damn thing. My tummy formed a perfect seal over the intake, and created a vaccuum. Gave me tummy stretch marks (not too much, but noticeable) until someone was able to release me; I don’t remember if they shut off the system or what, there was too much yelling and screaming going on.

Until this moment there were only two people still alive who remember that moment . . . .


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