Intrade still offering best odds from looks of it.

The intrade versus other bookies imbalance still seems to be there. It is too late for anyone without an intrade account in the US but I opened one half an hour ago and bought 28 shares at a price of $7.07 each - in other words a probability of Obama winning of 70.7% or put differently a return of 41.4% in less than 24 hours. I think anyone who trusts in Obama being very likely to be winning should do this, and furthermore they should do it on InTrade.

If I had money then I would have bought a few thousand dollars worth. I know there are lots of dopers with money so you should definitely do this.

I saw somebody write somewhere, Twitter maybe, that one or two deep-pocketed Romney booksters have been trying like mad to keep his percentage over 30% today.