Introducing 2 cats.

OK. so i’ve had the cat since the begining of this thread.

Berger seems to have excepted gandalf but gandalf is very weary of Berger.

This means that gandalf will stare at berger untill he gets uncomfortabe. It also means that when gandalf DOES rarely leave my bedroom, he’ll see berger, stare at him untill eye-contact is made, and then run away- which results in a chase.

I need to get Gandalf downstairs so thathe can learn to shit outside!


Did you read those links I provided? It suggests ways to get the cats to tolerate each other by training them, and rewarding them with small tasty treats they wouldn’t normally get. This way, they’ll start thinking, “Oh, that other cat is around, if I’m good, I’ll get a yummy thing to eat!”. Read the links though, because you have to be careful not to condition them to behave well solely for reward. There’s a way to do it, so that they’ll behave later on with no reward. You have to get them to associate the company of the other cat with good things, it will take time and patience on your part. Good luck.

Right… so the cats are getting on…

Any tips on teaching a 2 yr old cat how to shit outside, rather than in the litter tray?