Introducing 2 cats.

I am currently sitting in a room wit 2 cats.

The new one has been here overnight, getting comfy.

My original cat (Berger age 11) is at one side of the room, staring out the new cat (Gandelf age 2) who is under my bed.

Berger has stopped growling and keeps dropping into half-sleep because gandelf is so cowardly and boring to watch.

Any advice? How do u think it is going? :confused:

This is how I usually do it: Put the new cat in a different room (with a litterbox, food and water) for a few days, and let them sniff each other under the closed door. Lavish lots of attention on the original cat. When curiosity gets the best of them, let them meet. It can take a lot of time for them to get used to the idea of each other, it usually doesn’t happen overnight. It sounds totally normal to me how they are acting - some cats take a long time to get used to a new animal.

Since you’re looking for advice, I’ll move this to IMHO.

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Is it bad if my cat eats the new cat’s food?

Shud i bring in a new bowl?

yeah, get them seperate food/water bowls. Berger will be seriously pissed at you for getting a new cat, so make sure you keep telling him how much you love him

Death Cage Match. No, wait. Steel Death Cage Match. Yes, that’s it.

Boscibo’s got the straight advice. I’ve intro’ed 2 cats together like that a few times successfully. Let them (or actually, let Berger) growl & do whatever he wants so he can keep feeling he’s king.

If lil Gandelf ventures out and Berger makes as if he wants to pommel the lil guy, let them be and they’ll work it out on their own. If he actually does start pommeling the lil guy and fur starts to fly, just say “Hey! Play nice!” and try to get Berger off of Gandelf, then give Berger lots of pets and kisses to show him you still love him and he’s still king (ignore Gandelf as he scurries back under the bed).

Eventually, Gandelf will respect Berger and Berger will grow to love his little bother.

Oh, and make sure they’re both snipped (or spayed, if my assumption that they’re guys is wrong). That’s the most important (IMHO) piece of advice.

Thanks a lot! I will try that.

They were staring eachother out for a couple of hours this morning but i thought i’d give gandelf a break so he could use his litter tray.
I will let them get on with it next time. I’m gonna be here all day :rolleyes:

When we introduced new cats to old ones (on two separate occasions), we rubbed the old cat(s) with a towel, then rubbed the newcomer with it. It puts the scent of the old cat(s) on the new one. I don’t know exactly why (makes them feel less threatened, makes new cat feel more familiar?) but it works pretty well.
Good luck!

Berger just tried to murder gandelf. Gandelf (new cat) seemed to like berger untill he disterberd berger’s sleep, got chased round the room and shat himself… :frowning: :mad:

Should i be calling it quits yet? or is this some sort of beginning?

I say just turn 'em both loose in the house and let 'em learn to deal.

When I first brought Schrodinger the InvisiCat home, I just plunked him on the floor in front of Conan the Wonderkitty. Conan hissed, growled, and then took off. After a couple of days, Conan became sort of friendly with Schrodinger, occasionally trying to play with him, but mostly keeping him under surveillance from atop whatever piece of furniture happened to be handy. By the end of a week, the two of them were bestest buddies.

My experience has been that it is politics.
My daughter’s cat will slap my cat, and then they eat out of the same bowl.
Both neutered females BTW.

Here are some links with the best way to manage introducing them. Don’t let them fight, that’s a bad thing. It may mean a vet bill if Berger seriously injures Gandalf, and can cause a personality disturbance in Gandalf, making Gandalf a mean aggressive cat, or a timid frightened cat. Read the links and follow their advice. Good luck.

Introducing a new cat into the household and Behavioral problems aggression and biting. The first link came from the second page.

Do get seperate food and water dishes, and a seperate litter box too. You might have to keep the seperate litter boxes, some older cats just don’t want to use a litter box if another cat has used it. Scoop often too, cats can get more picky about things like that if they are emotionally stressed.

Doh! I see you did let them fight. :frowning: If Gandaf’s wounds show signs of swelling or infection, get him to a vet. Don’t do it again, it’s not good, it just makes one downtrodden, and the other a smug jerk from what I’ve seen. You don’t want one of your cats to be a little cowering thing, and the winner of the fights to be an arrogant King do you? You want them to get along, and be equals, instead of one fearing a beating all the time. Fear can lead to a LOT of other behaivior problems in the cat that is fearful. You can find them listed on the index of the second site I linked, and ways to help a fearful cat get better.

I didn’t let them fight. i broke them apart as best as i could. But im worried it might happen again. Im just gonna have to keep a close eye on them both.

Gamdelf got over it pretty quickly tho. (although he did crap his pants in my bedroom :frowning: )

There’s your problem – forcing your cat to wear pants.

Thanks. I shud prolly take off his bra, too… seeing as he’s a boy cat :eek:

well no wonder he got beat up! :rolleyes:


A friend of mine once tried to introduce a new cat into the house, one afternoon she went out and left the two of them locked in the living room, she came home half expecting to find one and a half cats left, but no, they were curled up on the couch together asleep

Our two cats were both adult females when they were introduced, and they spat and hissed and swatted each other for the first couple weeks, and now they just live together in a state of armed truce. Over two years later, and they still swat each other in the head all the time. Some cats will just never get comfortable with another cat around. Oh, I should say that the claws have never been out, even when they were first introduced. I’ve found very few scratches on either cat, even after the most heated exchange.

Well both cats are now free to roam the whole house. berger is still very wary of gandelf but no fights since the first one, when gandelf woke berger up.

Shud i stop stressing and just let nature run it’s course? only interbvening if i hear heavy growling and shattered vases?

Read the links I provided, they give sound advice. :wink: