Introducing the one and only Spoz! :)

Wow, my first chance to actually start a welcome thread. Don’t know how successful it will be, but that’s not the point. I’m not even sure what to say, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I mentioned this thread to Spoz yesterday, as he was interested in tapioca pudding. Despite lel’s beliefs that I m unduly interested in the subject, it could not be further from the truth. I thought that he would just look at the link and take his information from there.

Never did I dream, though, that he would register just to post an answer. (not sure that I even told him about this place beforehand) In fact, I had no idea he’d done that until I checked back on the thread this morning when I got up. As soon as I saw that he had actually replied, I broke down. Yes, I admit I did… into fits of uncontrollable, hysterical laughter. No offense meant to Spoz , of course… still can’t say why it struck me as funny. Good on you, though. You’ll soon become as addicted as the rest of us. :wink:

Info on him? Well, I’ve chatted to him through ICQ for a number of months now… can’t remember whether it was October or November when we first met. But I do remember his telling me to listen to his music because “it was really nuts,” in his words. Actually, I suppose I’m lucky I landed on his list eventually, since he later told me that he usually deleted all his random chatters. Who knows why he deicded to keep me as an online friend… maybe because I demonstrated sufficient knowledge of music? :slight_smile:

I have, of course, since listened to his music whil \e getting to know him, and I can say with certainty that his music is nuts, but in a good way. As for him, I can say with equal certainty that he’s nutty and goofy (hey, he said so himself), but of course in a good way.

So I’d like to say, in closing (yes, really):


You’ll like it here, and if you have any questions, just ask us. We’re here to help!

Eternally grateful yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome Spoz! Hope you enjoy the world of the SDMB.

At the same time please take it easy with the z’s, OK? Coz some of uz mizunderstand mizzspelled wordz. Anywaze, nize to meetcha. :slight_smile:

Slee z stak :slight_smile:


Is there really a one and only Spoz?

If there is, and this is you, then bugger off, Spoz.

Puts the Vogons to shame, dunnit?

Of course, if that’s not you, we’ll get along fine.


Welcome to the only message board you’ll ever need.

Well, I wouldn’t say he was the “one and only” Spoz (especially on ICQ, where there’s at least 30 of them), but it seemed better than just “Introducing… Spoz!” :slight_smile:

I did direct him to this thread, so he should be along… and if not, I’ll tell him that you can’t simply not reply to your own welocme thread. Probably if he comes along, it’ll be during the wee small hours or something, as he does live in Adelaide. He might be posting more, or not*.

While I’m at it, and if he does come along, this list of Dopers from Australia/New Zealand is for you, Spoz:

[li]Caught@Work[/li][li]reprise[/li][li]DarkJudicator[/li][li]wooly[/li][li]Ice Wolf[/li][li]Primaflora[/li][li]TheLoadedDog[/li][li]Narrad[/li][li]leechbabe[/li][li]Tsubaki[/li][li]Goo[/li][li]tavalla[/li][/ul]

I’m sure there’s more, but I forget… sorry to anyone I have inadvertently left off the list. Didn’t do it to spite ya. :slight_smile:

(note: this list is by no means complete… just by memory)

  • When I got home earlier today, I found a message from him saying that he had to register to reply; “Apparently, this forum wouldn’t let me post as a guest, while some do.” True enough. Therefore, I have no idea if he’ll post more, but it’ll be good to have him on board here. At least, I can refer to him by his name, rather than the convention of “an online friend of mine from Adelaide.” :smiley:


Hey Spoz welcome mate, if ya feel up to it come and visit us Aussie and NZ dopers at G’Dope

I was going to say that it wasn’t him, but then I checked out the link. “The Electronic Idiot” sounded familiar, though. As I read through the blurbs on the page, it was him. Hell, he described Adelaide, and the style of the blurbs on the page was his… I note the page hasn’t been updated since sometime in 2000 (I think), os you may be in luck, Larry.


Spoz… maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!!

Welcome to the SDMB, ol’ son. It’s your shout.

Well, I certainly have put my foot in it this time- what a faux pas.

The “bugger off” is formally retracted, or possibly just rephrased as “Well, bugger me!” (Figuratively, at least.)

As an act of contrition, I’ll admit that I’m prone to writing appalling poetry myself. In fact, it may be so bad that this is the closest I’ve come to opening myself to criticism by making it available online. Now you know my horrible secret.

Hey, since you’re in Adelaide, you may get a chuckle out of this piece of inspired insanity I produced to tease a notorious loonie online.
[sub]Rereading it, it’s pretty tame compared to my next tease. My brain hurt after that one, let me tell you.[/sub]

At any rate, an unqualified welcome to the SDMB.

Welcome, Spoz! Please, have a complimentary slice of vegemite toast and a heaping bowl of tapioca pudding.

F_X, I am still convinced that you are obsessed with tapioca :wink:

Larry, a total class act, and appreciated by me, at the very least. :slight_smile: I’m sure Spoz will appreciate it if he sees this thread.

lel, I’ve told you time and time again: I am NOT obsessed with tapioca pudding!!! Sheesh. :stuck_out_tongue: Now, as for the Vegemite toast and tapioca puddinb, I’m sure he’d like that. Then again, he’s told me that he likes a lot of beer and stuff. Don’t remember which beers, but he apparently likes it with a lot of spicy Thai curry.


Darn… of course, I meant “pudding” in my last post. Time to go to bed, especially as I’ve been feeling tired over the past couple of hours. At least I didn’t muck up the part where it was in big letters. :smiley:


Since I never have tried and never will try tapioca, for reasons enumerated elsewhere, and since I am also, through a happy chance, Southern, let me extend welcome this way:

Welcome to the SDMB, Spoz, and have some fried okra and pork rinds!

(By the way, you can pretty much forget about all your other Internet obsessions; when you’re on-line, you’ll be here.)

Okay, let me do this welcome correctly now.

Welcome, Spoz! Please have a complimentary meal, consisting of spicy Thai curry, vegemite toast, tapioca pudding, fried okra, pork rinds, collard greens, grits and beer. (My stars, those items really do not go together well at all.)

F_X, my apologies for implying that you are obsessed with tapioca pudding. Upon further inspection, I have now concluded that you are obsessed with pistachio pudding. :smiley:

jackelope, I’m sure he’d like to try new tastes that probably aren’t available widely in Australia. Hey, you like to cook, right? Why don’t you whip up a little something? :slight_smile: I don’t know what, though. You’ll have to ask the guest of honor (who still hasn’t shown up yet, I note) about his preferences.

lel, I have never tried pistachio pudding ever in my life. Therefore, I am not obsessed with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and those items definitely do not go well together, but who knows? Maybe Spoz has an adventurous palate, like my brother seems to have at times.


well… um, hi :smiley:
took me a while to get here, guess I’m easily distracted…

anywaze… seeing a list of replies piling up here, thought I’d take a moment to answer some of the pressing questions…

  1. I never realised I had a fixation with the letter “z”, I just thought I wuz doing my very worst at ever so subtlely abusing the english language… as only a slacker like me could :wink: generally I write in the same casual disregard as I speak… it’s all part of da personality… so, y’know… git widdit yo’ :cool:
    (oh yes… I’m gonna be flamed for this…)

  2. am I the same SPOZ responsible for that atrocious piece of poetry…? why yes! although… I do find it amusing you chose not to display something MUCH MORE embarassing from my collection… for e.g.


Stupid words that rhyme with poo,
perhaps you sense some deja vu?
This play on words is nothing new,
dont lie… I bet you’ve done this too!

Something or other in a shoe,
maybe its green covered in glue.
Speak in circles and catch the view,
mention the series Doctor Who.

Once apon a time I was at the zoo,
caught a virus… perhaps the flu.
I was raving nuts… my head askew,
made like cow and yelled out “Moo!”.

Perhaps some idiot will wanna sue,
send me bills for credit due.
Wait ya turn… join the queue,
the author ran and hid in the loo.

Should I mention colour blue,
make a reference to faith Hindu.
Count my testicles… number two!
Secret service… we fight with foo.

Will I run out’ve words to do?
Gee… er… um… kangaroo?
Hey… I think I rhymed right through,
Sit back… relax and have a s**t.

peeeeeeuuuuuuuww… do ya smell that? that’s a literary gem! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! (hehehehehe… yes, I have NO shame)

oh yes… I also spotted the Douglas Addams quote… nice one! (is that 1 or 2 d’s in his name? I cant remember?)

but, yes… not ALL search results on SPOZ are me… it even suprises me that there are so many of us out there… who knew? (doing a simple nickname search on ICQ overflowed it with entries) odd, coz I always thought it wuz an original name when I invented the nickname (back when I wuz 12) ← hey did ya notice the misuse of the “z’s” ?

  1. actually, Flamsterette_X is indeed obssessed with Tapioca Pudding… she said so herself… :wink:

  2. please, no comments about me putting these answers in list form… I mean, how fixated on insignificant trivials are you people??? (hehehe… ok, guess that’s a rhetorical question for a messageboard like this :wink: )

anywaze… cheers for the welcome!
I shall do my best to make a complete fool of myself as infrequently as possible! (for wot else is the purpose of this funny 'ol internet thing? surely not research or meaningful communication!)

I know my links didn’t work, Spoz. Sorry about that. But I’m glad to see that my instructions were clear enough that you could follow them without too much of a problem. (note: I gave him links that didn’t really work, and just directed him to the next thread over… so finally, I had to instruct him in how to do a vanity search)

Er, nice poem! Really, I mean it with all due respect. :wink:

Douglas Adams is spelled with one “d” only… unless you’re referring to some distant, obscure relation of the Charles Addams family. :smiley:

I did NOT say that, and you know it! :wink:

You’d be surprised how many people on here are fixated on insignificant trivial things, but that’s another story. You’ll figure it out, anways.

No problem, as I thought it was the only decent thing to do. Seeing as how you’re one of my coolest online friends, of course. :slight_smile: Besides, this thread is my baby now, and I’m proud of it. :wink:

As infrequently as possible? You may say that now, but sooner or later, you’ll get sucked into the vortex that is SDMB addiction. Believe me when I tell you this. :slight_smile: