Invaded by Rabbits!!

I realize that some of this is to be expected, with us living on the edge of a wilderness preserve and everything, but this is getting out of hand.

You see, we are getting lots of wild rabbits burrowing into our yard to eat our lawn. Every week I go out there and find more rabbit holes under the fence, either from the canyon across the fence or from under a neighbor’s fence. My dog is loving it, since she loves to chase them, but I’m not happy with all of the holes in my yard, not to mention having all of my landscaping being eaten.

Does anyone have some non-leathal suggestions for dealing with this problem? How can I prevent (or even discourage) rabbits from burrowing into my yard? Should I just fill in the burrows? Since the dog is not much help in discouraging them, would any of those scent-based products work? Any suggestions?


I just want to point out that it is hilarious that a post about rabbits quadrupled itself! Get it? Cuz rabbits reproduce a lot! Get it? The OP multiplied like rabbits! Get it?


You should be able to get some “rabbit wire” fencing at the hardware store and if they don’t have it, they should be able to order it.

Unfortunately, you are probably going to have to dig about 1 1/2 feet down and install the fence that far underground. Otherwise the rabbits will just dig under it.

All kidding asside, you will probably need to get a bunch of those “Have a Heart” live type traps and do a catch and release. You might also see if you can get a bunch of lion shit from a zoo, as I understand that herbavores will avoid areas with that smell.

How does one go about asking for lion shit at the zoo?? “May I speak to your manager about obtaining some lion excrement?”

If you do this, tell us how they react.

Don’t worry after Easter they’ll be gone. Have you been finding any chocolate eggs around? Any of them answering to the name Cadbury?

" “May I speak to your manager about obtaining some lion excrement?”

Sure, although we prefer to ask for lion urine…

Ah, how about a Rabbit Proof Fence? Oh wait, thats the name of the new video out :slight_smile:

Death is unfortunately the only answer. Once you have captured and eaten a few the word will spread and their mothers will tell them the horrific tale of what happens to little bunnies who go wandering and why all good little bunny rabbits should never, ever go into Mr. Jkusters garden.

Uhhhh… I don’t think that those are chocolate eggs.

We need one of our Australian dopers to join in this discussion. They have prior experience with this very problem. :wink:

You just need to find some nazi groundhogs to drive the rabbits out.

I can just imagine jkusters, having asked at the zoo for lion urine, being handed an empty jamjar and the keys to the cage…


But why lion shit in particular? I’m sure excrement from other animals (dogs, cows, pigs, humans?) would probably do the job just as well. Unless lioncrap has a particular smell factor? Or size factor? :dubious:

I think them lions pee on hay & you get the hay, but what the hay, you can buy lion pee online:

“In the wild, Mt.Lion urine is a powerful communicator. It attracts a Mt.Lion to its mate. It helps prey like armadillos, javelinas and wild boar tell whether an area is safe or dangerous. It marks a Mt.Lion’s territory and signals his presence to others of its species…”

That’s got to be one of the funniest websites I have seen in a long time & its a true product too… also have: