Invasion of the Uber Drivers


The overcrowded building next to mine, a former single family residence now sub-divided into at least five units, has had a number of its residents using Uber. Fine. Except they insist on having Uber pick them up and drop them off from the neighboring property, where I live. Meaning the next door residents are being pick up and dropped off from MY driveway!

(Due to all the sub-dividing there are some serious space issues at their place, but I don’t view that as OUR problem)

Any suggestions for remedies?

Giant fence around property with gated driveway. Spikes and electrification optional but recommended.

Regarding serious suggestions…I dunno, man. Any recourse would require you to actually talk to the people in the apartments and convince them to get picked up and dropped off outside their own property, and that would at a minimum require talking to humans, which I could never recommend anybody do without being a raging hypocrite.

I don’t see how this is a problem. Have you considered not worrying about it? Or to put it another way, what is it you are actually worried about?

Does anyone really pick their exact spot for Uber pick up? Even at my work address, a very large Chicago skyscraper, I’ll get Uber drivers picking me up at all places along the block.

Get some little traffic cones for your driveway if you don’t want them using it.

No one pays attention to cones! He needs a high-visibility vest, a clipboard, and a flashlight. Spend a few days standing at the end of the driveway asking them what they’re doing, and they’ll quickly learn to avoid the Obviously Insane Person.

Let’s see… you come home and can’t get into your own driveway because some stranger decided to use it. Or to put it another way, uou’re at home and need to leave in a hurry but can’t pull out because some stranger is blocking you in.

In polite society, parking in a stranger’s driveway without permission is not only frowned upon, it can be considered trespassing.

But they’re not parking there, it’s just pick up from Uber, in an urban neighborhood, this is common

In that case, get a gun and start blasting, ammirite? Breaking any law means you get to murder them…right? Are we in Florida?

Anyway, the OP hasn’t said she was ever blocked. And even if she was, it’s not like they are parking there. The driver stays in the car and can move it immediately.

Cinder blocks, then.

I’m a little confused as well. What, exactly, is the problem? Is it noise from doors closing, noise from honking, what’s the issue?

It sounds like Uber drivers are pulling into their driveway to load & unload passengers.

How about parking your car at the foot of your driveway, close to the street? They won’t be able to pull into into your driveway if your car is there.

I’m assuming you have a driveway that is the width of a single car; if you have a wider driveway, maybe you could park sideways or something.

I got that part, what I’m wondering is, what problem is it causing? :slight_smile:

My grandfather did this with some old sawhorses that he painted fluorescent yellow. It was the first driveway on the street (which mostly had garages facing the alleys) and he got tired of people turning around in it.

Just get uber it.

I will agree it definitely is an invasion.

  1. Uber problem
  2. Put up a toll gate
  3. Profit!

People blocking my driveway so I and the other legitimate users of the property where I live can’t pull into our own lot and park our own cars where, you know, we pay to live and have a parking spot.

Also, loud conversations just outside everyone’s front windows, horns honking just outside our front windows, doors slamming, people shouting, headlights shining into our front windows at night… it’s disruptive and disturbing.

Legally, it IS trespassing.

We have towed cars that parked on our property. It’s sort of a nuclear option. And it’s always the same “but I just left it for a minute!” Really? Because it took the tow guy 20 minutes to get here and you were nowhere in sight.

Um… what makes you think this is an urban neighborhood?

We’re exurbs bordering on farm country, in an unincorporated township. In other words, not Chicago.

Except they DON’T move it immediately. And I have been blocked, although it’s not terribly common, but being stuck in the middle of a four lane road wanting to make a left into my parking lot and I can’t because some asshole is “just a minute!” waiting is not a prospect that makes me happy.

People being being picked up take their own goddamned time showing up and getting in the car. The drop-offs aren’t so bad, those generally are quick, but the pick ups are infuriating.

WE don’t have a lot of space to park/maneuver in either at my building since the state widened the road from two lanes to four and took land off the front of everyone’s property on the block.