Invention of Ice Cream Cones

Who invented ice cream cones? Is there a story behind it?
What I have heard that it was by fate that someone created a cookie cone and was selling the item as a special cookie. But the proprieter was close to an ice cream shop which served ice cream only in dishes. The problem with the ice cream store is that they ran out of dishes to serve the waiting customers. Solution was to put the ice cream on top of this cookie cone. Thusly, ice cream cones were invented.

Has anyone else heard of another story?

Most references say it was invented at the St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904. This page indicates that that may not be strictly true, but it seems certain that the cone was popularized at the fair. The usual story was that an ice cream vendor ran out of paper cups, so took some waffles from a vendor nearby and made them into cones. Maybe that’s true, though a patent for the ice cream cone predates the fair by several months.

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I’m pulling out my trusty copy of The Oxford Companion to Food by Alan Davidson, to see what he has to say about ice cream cones: