Inventions We Need

That would also be useful around the Current Puppy.

We need really, really good power storage batteries. Hold lots of power, don’t weigh too much, don’t take up lots of space, can be recharged a lot of times from whatever power source is functional at the time and place, and made out of readily available non-toxic materials.

Based on the concept of the washing machine and dryer, a device for human cleaning.

Maybe in my lifetime.

I’m still holding out for Rosie the Robot. A house cleaning, dinner preparing Robot would be awesome.

They’re getting closer which is good as Lithium is not a great answer for several reasons. Mainly supply and danger.

Sodium-ion is the one to keep an eye on. Very inexpensive and operates at a lower heat.

Absolutely true. It’s a “what if” I occasionally spend time thinking about it. Just trying to determine half the effects of that is overwhelming, given how far-reaching they could be.

Yeah, there are a lot of people working on this.

Really wish I knew which one to invest in, and had some money to do the investing!

Indeed. Could be a major society-changer.

Adaptive eyeglasses.

Meaning, you can vary what the lenses are doing for a given situation. Have them optimize for distance, for near vision, etc. Kind of like scaling on a tablet.

I seem to remember reading that this sort of thing is actually under development. So hurry it up!

Similar to mine - a dog leash that can’t tangle on other dog’s leashes.

But we still need it, so isn’t this the answer?

But when it stops sticking, the graffitos will stop trying.

As someone who only recently started needing distance lenses while at the same time recognizing I can’t quite focus as closely as I used to, this would come in handy.


This is like my answer when physicists claim that as long as all processes are reversible that time travel cannot be ruled out. "So I can toss hot food into the microwave and get 120vac out of the end of the cord?

There are coatings. Anti-Graffiti Coating | Sherwin-Williams

I’m gonna’ go big: A leaf blower that operates quietly.

Sort of a super-amped up Dyson fan maybe? Yeah yeah, velocity and all that, but a man can dream.

In the same discussion about batteries, thinking ahead to a future where electric-powered cars are the norm and not the exception, a way to solve the issue of recharging, quickly. Perhaps it will happen naturally on it’s own, but a standard, portable battery pack that all EVs can use. Imagine driving up to a (former) gas station, and they have batteries the size of 5-gallon buckets with convenient handles all charged-up and ready to swap-out your nearly depleted battery from your car (or, batteries) - basically a fill-up in the same amount of time as it takes now. Like the propane tank exchange.

One of the challenges of the EV future is replicating the ubiquitous gas station with charging stations, as well as the time it takes to recharge - having a portable battery standard would ease some of those constraints around convenience and access to fresh power.

This and a whole bunch of amazingly useful inventions will be possible - even easy - once we repeal those pesky laws of thermodynamics.

An Off-switch for hair.

and toenails!

I wish that contact lenses came as a gel in toothpaste tubes. In the morning, you squeeze out a pre-measured dab of gel and insert onto each eye. Within 30 seconds the gel would transform into soft contact lens that would last 12 hours and would get flicked into the trash can before bedtime. I guess there are lots of details that would need to be worked out.

A self-maintaining nail maintenance station for dogs. I had some success with a prototype but couldn’t fine tune it.

How would the gel know what your prescription is?

– I guess that’s one of those details.

I don’t need it anymore but when I was a 14 year old kid in high school having a Swimming class for PE surrounded by 18 year old women, I really would have paid top dollar for swim trunks that could hide your boner.

In fact, I’m fairly certain boner hiding clothing would actually make some money. I can’t be the only one who heard about all the boner hiding tips including putting your backpack in front of your crotch or sticking it in the elastic of your underwear.

and children. Also volume control. :grin: