Inventions We Need

In contrast with the thread on Inventions we don’t need, what are some Inventions we DO need?
My invention would be human furniture made out of replaceable cat-scratching materials.

Automatic toad balancer

a vacuum cleaner that works quietly.

Cell-phone Disabler

Flying cars. They promised us in grade school we’d have flying cars!

Can’t you just start out with 2 toads of similar weight?

Or one big toad and two small toads.

Smudgeless glasses.


happiness implants

Drouds and tasps for everyone!

Only if what we “need” is human extinction, that is.

This made me laugh. As I’m nursing broken ribs, you’ve caused me some pain.

Yea. And jet packs!

Fish fingers that cook properly in a microwave.

I should like a room like a Holodeck in Star Trek so I can sit in my armchair and be transported to a far more interesting place. Big screen TVs and VR goggles simply won’t do.

A grid scale energy storage system was the great missing invention of the 20th century and it has not arrived yet in the 21st century.

A grid scale energy generation system that does not cost the earth or ruin the environment would be nice. But that nuclear fusion thing is still decades away.

Driverless cars would help everyone get around, especially in cities. But we don’t even have trains, ships and aircraft that can do that.

Star Trek style replicators. And possibly appropriate energy source for them. Free up so much land used for agriculture, reduce continuing deforestation, and stop so much use of pesticides. Obviously, there’d be pain for persons employed in agriculture, but hopefully it’d only be transitional (though that’s little comfort to those affected, I know). Tastes almost as good at the real thing, no work involved, and much healthier.

Airconditioners that generate electricity instead of consuming power.

…and an ice dispenser that dispenes ice from a fridge quietly.

I posted this in a similar thread not too long ago.

A paint or coating for outdoor buildings and walls that won’t take graffiti paint. If you try to spraypaint something onto it, the spraypaint will just bead up and roll off like water off of a car window newly polished with Rainx.

Also, an upright vacuum that has a cord that stays out of my way!

Sounds good. Though you may still need to clean the paint from the ground/pavement in some areas.

Instant hair-dryers that don’t damage hair. Hardly earth-shattering, but it’d be convenient.