Invert You PC Screen?!?

Playing with Windows, I found there is a setting that allows you to cause your monitor to display everything upside down. This, in turn, makes left and right reversed for mouse operation, too.

a) Who in the world thought up the need for such an option?
b) Ironically, soon after I found this feature, my toddler hit some keystroke(s) that threw the monitor into this mode! Boy, was that ever hell undoing!
But, what keystroke combination IS this shortcut?

So, who’s the joker at MS? …or, is this a ADA requirement?

  • Jinx

This screenshot from a previous thread on the topic shows one use for such a feature. It’s not a Microsoft thing, but rather a feature of some video cards. My Nvidia card, for example, doesn’t have a keystroke (AFAIK) to change it, but it can be done in the Nvidia Control Panel.

CTRL+ALT+arrow is the most common keyboard shortcut for this. IIRC, that one’s used on Intel integrated graphics chips.

One use I have seen for such a feature was for a DIY head-up-display sat-nav. The guy used a small LCD screen mounted on the dash so the image was reflected in the windshield. By inverting the image it was right-way-round in the reflection.

This is useful for overhead and rear-screen projector operation, although most projectors can do it themselves.

In one of our shops we hid a couple of monitors in the counter and displayed the image via a mirror, similar to the way arcade machine’s screen’s work.

We had the image inverted for that as I remember. We dropped the idea when flat screens became cheap enough to use.