Investing in Silver

Is now a good time to buy some
Silver bars?

$14.50 seems awful low

Some forecasts are saying $8 by 2020, some aw saying $130 by 2019???

What do you think?

Silver and gold are not investments, at least not in the regular sense. They are stores of value – i.e., their value typically does not change much over the long term.

You’ll presumably do a little better in silver than you would by buying CD’s–the average long-term rate of return on CD’s is a percentage point or two less than inflation. But don’t expect to actually make money.

Now for short-term stuff, it boils down to one simple question:
Do you feel like gambling, or not?

Well, two questions:

  1. Can you easily afford to gamble and lose?

Another vote for this is all just gambling. And there is a “house” made up of the big trading organizations who make sure that they make money no matter what. Where are their profits coming from? From the little fish that get suckered into their world.

What is your reasoning behind this and what is your expertise in saying so?

I don’t know about the dropping to $8 part, but the “rising by close to 1000% in the next few months” part seems to fall into the category of “clinically insane.”

Instead of buying physical silver, you can buy an ETF which gives you an interest in physical silver, or buy shares in a silver mining stock, or buy an ETF that holds shares in several silver miners. These have advantages, though physical silver makes a better “conversation piece.”

(If you want my 2¢ of advice on whether any of these are good ideas, you’ll need to PayPal me 41¢ — enough to cover the 39¢ PayPal service charge.)

What’s special about silver or gold as investments, presuming you’re not a prepper looking to live out a Mad Max fantasy/paranoid delusion? The main way to profit off that is to invest in .22 ammo (because Obama & Hilary fear your .22 rifle).

Hmmm. MichaelEmouse’s mention of ammo reminds me that only silver bullets can kill werewolves. Since genealogists have discovered that Ump-tray is a descendant of the famous Werewolf of Edburg-bay, perhaps concern about genetic inheritance feeds the desire for such bullets, and is responsible for the alleged upcoming surge in the silver price?

(Excuse me for using igpay atinlay but with Umptray and ulletbays mentioned in the same sentence it seemed best to avoid the simple filters used by the Ecretsay Ervicesay.)

The price of silver will probably never go up. Because I have a butt-load.

Any research on metal ETFs would show that holding physical silver/gold/platinum is much better than having someone else hold paper-metal for you.

After the zombie uprising, EFTs will be meaningless!

If Newt survived all those aliens, I fancy her progeny’s chances against the zombies.

History of silver prices. Not a good investment strategy, it would seem.

Here is gold. I bought mine in about 2001, sold some in about 2006 and the rest in 2013. But that was just dumb luck.

Say what you will, silver and gold bars are the kind of investment you can fondle and cackle over, which you can’t say for stocks, bonds and CDs.

I tend to doubt either possibility, especially if the forecasters are trying to sell you silver or steer you into some other strategy. :confused::dubious::smack:

Why not both?

I own AAPL. When I walk by an Apple store filled with customers, or even having a line on a drop day, I cackle.

Well, why don’t we just put her in charge of silver prices then? Huh?

Good point.

Why’s that, specifically?