Investment questions

As I get older and have more kids, I’ve begun to realize the importance of planning for the future. Like, will I have enough money to live on when I retire (in about 25 years). I have a good retirement plan at work, but I don’t want to rely on that completely. So, I’m thinking about doing some investing on my own. The thing is, I am completely clueless about investing. I barely know the difference between a stock and a bond.

Can anyone recommend any good books or sites that cater to the ignorant about investing? And what’s the deal with this online investing? Is it really that great? I won’t be doing anything on my own until I absolutely know what I’m getting myself into. I am not a huge risk-taker, but I do understand that I may lose some before I gain. I’m 32, and I have a little time to play around a bit.

Thanks a lot for your help…and if I have enough money when I retire, I’ll remember you in my will. :slight_smile:

The Motley Fool at

Seriously, it is a place to learn how to invest (even though the title is suspect).

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Go right to the source. The Wall Street Journal puts out a terrific guide to investing. There’s a print version at any bookstore, or the free, on-line version at

Since I’m in the industry, I’m unable to accept your generous offer of post-termination compensation. So just give it to… to… hmmmm, to whom do I have to suck up today? I’ll get back to you. :wink:

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