Invisible links

My computer crashed and I got a new emachine with Internet Explorer 8 and XP3 installed. Once in a while I run into pages where the links are invisible; sometimes if I click on the blank space the page comes up; sometimes if I pass the cursor over the blank space the name of the link appears. This hasn’t been a terrible problem, but today for the first time in a long time I went to Craig’s list and almost nothing is visible. I can’t find anything online about this except that sometimes there are problems with Explorer 8. But, links not showing is not one of the issues I can find that is addressed. So, I cannot access Craigs list in any way; it’s just a bunch of program symbols. Oh, also the compatibility button is not visible; not that it has ever helped in the past.

I usually can find something online; but nothing on this. Does anyone have any ideas? :confused:

Use Firefox.

You stole my answer.

I switched to Firefox because IE was being temperamental like that… and I’ve never looked back.

I finally had to go to Microsoft technical help. They apparently have a group that handles just IE 8 problems. He was able to fix the problem in about 15 minutes.

IE8 has a Reset button, which fixes almost any corruption in it I’ve ever come across.

I still like the look/feel of it over Firefox, but for most browsing I now use Chrome.