INXS/Qantas Choir - Is this totally live?
(The song in question itself starts at 4:43)

This is a gorgeous and sublime version of my favorite INXS song that I happened to stumble over on YouTube. The video description is fairly lacking as are the camera angles - does anyone know or can anyone tell if this was 100% live, or are there pre-recorded backing tracks? I hear two sax parts, for example, and also piano and (I think) an organ augmenting the choir, which seems to help them get that huge celestial sound. Anyway, somehow the choir sounds like they’re in a cathedral while the INXS vocals sound like they’re in a regular club. If anyone can explain how this was achieved I’d really appreciate it.

wow cool, from my favourite INXS album, this got high rotation in my cassette player in my Torana!

aaahh to be young again…

very cool, and raises the idea, why didn’t they give it a go with Kirk, Andrew, or Tim singing lead? I enjoyed the Rock Star INXS show, but I didn’t think it would work with a young new singer.

Mind you, I thought the Terence Trent D’Arby + INXS collaboration worked well…

Very nice.

have a look at the Jon Stevens and INXS line up.

Well they can easily get a cathedral sound by using a suitable style of reverb on the choir. You wouldn’t want to do that for the main vocal because you want it to stand out in front. Any professional mixing setup will allow different effects to be applied to different instruments / vocals. Don’t know about the organ and piano, they may have just been live off the side of the stage. There’s no reason to use a backing track for that kind of performance but that’s not to say they didn’t.

Thanks for the input. I’d like to think they didn’t use any backing tracks either, just creative application of reverb. I bet that’s what’s causing the sax to sound doubled as well.