Do electric “negative ionizers” really DO anything (aside from turning the surrounding walls gray?). I hear they spew out negative ions, but is the result humanly detectable?

I hope somebody that KNOWS the answer to this see the question. I too have 3 air cleaning machines that have this feature and NOBODY has a clue what it’s supposed to do.

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There is a terrific search engine called Google which you can find here.

When I fed in the word “ionisers” (sorry about the spelling - I’m australian. It’s a Crocodile Dundee thing)
I got heaps of responses. One of the first was from a paper at some Aerosol conference

The second paragraph included the words


There are some studies quoted later, which appear to show results from ionisers but I have my doubts!

If you wanted to explore Google a bit more you might be able to report back with more detailed or useful findings.

My thanks for this go to the regular poster Duck Duck Goose who is the one who showed me how to Google before asking a General Question.

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You might want to go here to learn what the US justice system thinks these things are capable of doing.
The amount of Ozone they spew out is below the allowable TOXIC LIMIT, but that doesn’t actually make them beneficial. If you want to have clean air in your house, it’s a lot cheaper to get a decent filter for the AC.