iOS update causing battery drain?

Just did the automatic update to 12.4.8 and now my phone is already almost out of juice. I barely use it but it never sucked power like this before. WTF happened? Can I revert to my former version?

Here’s an article with some suggestions:

If it continues, I’d suggest calling the Apple support line regardless of the age of your phone.

In my case, I did an update on my +4y/o iPhone last year and suddenly my data usage skyrocketed (to +3 Gb per day). After arguing with my cell phone company they suggested I call Apple. Even though it was way past the warrantee they were great and worked me through the issue.

When the problem is related to an update or their own software (like Safari,Mail Photos etc), they are generally helpful regardless of device age and warrantee status.

…and what was the issue?

I’m not sure if you mean me or the OP.

But in my case they thought that my home internet dropped out while the software was updating to the new iOS and update was somehow buggered. The iOS could tell it wasn’t correct and it kept trying to re-update itself, so it was constantly re-downloading the update in the background trying to correct.

In the end they walked me through going back to the old iOS and the doing the update again. All tolled probably +2 hours of phone support for a +4 y/o phone.

Yes, I was asking you, thanks for responding, I just couldn’t imagine how a phone could use so much data except for watching films.